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If you have anY questions, see the FAQs here

Please make sure it is spelled correctly as this will be our primary way of contacting you. Please consider adding to you contact list so our reply doesn’t get lost in you junk mail.

To be able to message you and/or tag you.

You must be 18 years or older to get tattooed. NO EXCEPTIONS.


Full day session appointments start at 12:00 pm. 
Weekends get booked up faster and most people on the waitlist are waiting for weekend availability, so PLEASE consider taking a week day off for your tattoo as we can get you an appointment much faster. 


Is this a Coverup?*

There is no guarantee a tattoo or scar tissue can be covered, every coverup will be evaluated individually. Please note surgical scars must be healed at least 1-3 years, Lasered areas must be healed at least 6 months and tattoos must be healed at least 1-3 months. 
You should be open to: A significantly larger tattoo than the area you want covered up (2x-3x minimum) and color tattoo or black and grey tattoo.
*Fine lines or minimal designs doesn't work to cover up.*


Where do you want your tattoo to be placed? Be specific. You can also say OPEN or NOT SURE. 
If you have tattoos near the placement. please attach photos of the area.

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Minimum Size is 3"x3" or 7x7cm but please consider making it at least about hand size or about 6"x6" or 15x15cm. 
Please keep in mind that the bigger your tattoo the better it will retain detail over the years, so the better it will age.

Note that Andres has a minimum of $300 

Tatto Description*

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