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  • The first touch-up is free on your tattoo within first 2 MONTHS as long as you follow the aftercare instructions and take care of it!

  • If tattoo becomes infected or faded/scarred due to negligence, then touch-up will not be free. (example: swimming/submerging tattoo during healing, picking/scratching, improper aftercare lotion/cleanser, tanning bed / direct sun exposure, skin damage) 

  • Touch ups will not be free if it has been longer than 2 months since tattoo was done. 

  •  If there is a cancellation or no-show for touch-up appointment, it is no longer free and client will be subject to pay minimum set-up fee.

  • Finger, hand & certain areas of foot touch ups are NOT free. Fingers especially are high traffic areas which are prone to fading so touch up will be at clients expense. We make sure clients know this prior to receiving a tattoo in that location. Due to the heavy use of hands and feet and difficulty of those tattoos healing crisp, they will likely not be free either depending on severity of poor healing and could be subject to minimum and up* set-up fee. (Hands and feet need extra care when healing so please take time off work if need be and keep them clean and don’t wear clothing / shoes that rub against the area - try to use dermal barrier.


Send an email to Don't forget to attach a picture of your tattoo and your availability. Please note that Andres is available Wednesdays through Saturdays.

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